Thumb Sucking Elimination Program

Generally by the age of 4, children who suck their thumbs, fingers or pacifiers, have given up the habit on their own. But when this habit continues, it is a problem.  It can have adverse effects:

  • alignment of the teeth
  • palatal development
  • tongue and lip strength
  • chewing and swallowing problems
  • clear speech production
  • disfigurement of the digit being sucked
  • social rejection


If your child has a prolonged oral habit, we can help!  The program includes:

  • Positive Behavior Modification—unique, creative, engaging and motivating strategies
  • Partnership—daily working relationship between the therapist, child and family
  • Confidence Building—child makes decisions that affect his own future
  • Improving Socialization—elimination of a habit that makes the child the brunt of teasing, ridicule and humiliation
  • Understanding of Oral Facial Structures—guiding parents to coach child through a thorough understanding of the oral facial structures and their neuromuscular movements

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